An amazing music video by John Shipe called "Pitbull Blues". It's an amazing song that will most likely get stuck in your head all week!

***The Truth Behind Pitbulls*** - I like the statistics in this video. And it explains pitbulls are not "only" vicious (what dog isn't when they need to be?) but very loving. All dogs are the same - most are loving, and the rare ones can leash out... but do not specify one breed. Good video!
NOTE: Graphic images of abused dogs are shown at a point in the video. Recommended 18+.

A very touching story about how this pitbull saved this little boy's life. This vido gave me so much more respect for pitbulls, and flared up the fire already inside me that will not burn out until this ban is gone.

Short, sweet, and to the point: What you need to know about pitbulls. This 1:49 video is all we need!

Dogs Speak Out Against Dog Fighting - Given A Voice.