Heroic and Role Model Pit Bulls

Pit bulls have such a bad rep it seems all around the world. What the media very rarely announces is the heroic deeds they do, or what people don't remember. It seems it's all about the negatives - the dogs trained to fight and attack are giving the average loyal, loving, family pit bull a bad name.

To remind people of how amazing these dogs can truly be, for those who don'y already know, here's some examples of some very heroic dogs!

WEELA: Ken-L Ration's Dog Hero of the Year (1993)

One day while outside watching one of the kids in her family, suddenly body slammed 11 yr old Gary that sent him flying. Lori (mom) saw the whole thing and was surprised since Weela had always played so well with the kids. Surprised , that was until she saw the big rattle snake sink it's fangs into Weela's face!  Then she understood Weela had been saving Gary's life!A few years later, Weela saved the lives of 30 people, 29 Dogs, 13 horses and 1 cat. Heavy rains caused a damn to break on the Tijuana River. Weela would pull 30 to 50lbs of food across the river to feed stranded animals when it was needed during their month of being stranded on the island.

 Popsicle is the number one US customs dog. She was found in a freezer during a drug raid by Buffalo police in 1997. They found Popsicle as a 5 month old puppy, who quickly became a favorite. He graduated his training at the Canine Enforcement Training Center in Front Royal, Virginia, and went to work with his handler, J.J., in Texas.


Sergeant Stubby died on March 16, 1926, as a hero, yet today, many people do not know who he is. Sergeant Stubby is the most decorated dog in military history, and the only dog to have been promoted during battle. He fought for 18 months in the trenches for France during WW1 for 17 battles. Stubby warned his fellow soldiers of gas attacks, located wounded soldiers in No Man's Land, and listened for oncoming artillery rounds. He was also responsible for the capture of a German spy at Argonne. After his time in the war, Stubby met Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren G. Harding. He was, also, made a life member of the American Legion, the Red Cross, and the YMCA.