Here's some stories from behind the scene. These stories are not twisted due to media, nor tweaked for the government's satisfaction or to make them look better. These stories are fresh from the owners who live with pit bulls and love them every day.
Look at these pictures. Do you really want to euthinize these family members? Cause that's exactly what they are - members of the family. You can clearly see the love in these shots... they look far like fighting dogs to me, and I cannot imagine killing them because of their looks or breed.
Some ask why people would want a pit bull, what attracts people to them? They believe only drug lords or those who wish only to fight dogs want pit bulls, but after reading these stories, maybe people will learn and understand just why pit bulls are such a great breed.

Thank you to everyone who has told their story for the purpose of this site and to help open the eyes of those who don't understand or have been blinded by myths and media!


Two years ago is when our Pit Bull joined our family. She ran up to me in my driveway, then into my house, jumped on my bed and made herself at home. My youngest child was 15 months old at the time and though I was a little fearful at first due to media on the breed she quickly proved herself to us, my son immediately became her baby, in her eyes he does no wrong, even when he chases her with things, sits on her etc... she LOVES him, not once has she ever shown any sign of aggression to us except when she thought my now 11 year old daughter was playing too rough with my now 3 year old son, she barked at her and got in between them, looked my son over and licked him up, she did the same to my husband recently as well. For some reason she only trusts me 100% when it comes to kids as she barks at people she sees who have babies, she wants them to put them down and doesn't like other dogs around kids (she even watches my 2 male dogs when they get close to my son), I'm thinking her former home, the children may have had it rough. At any rate, she rocks, we love her so much, she's so smart and the sweetest dog, I trust her 100% with my son and yes I leave her alone with him, I now see why they were once named the Nanny Dog.                   ~ Stephanie S.


My son is a pit owner; Guiness. My son is also a Marine . I have fostered Guiness when his assignments have left him unable to keep him with him. Sunday Guiness came home to me again, but this time I have a great dane and I have to say I was a little worried about her sharing her house.. especially since Guiness also considers this his home away from home. its only been 2 days; but watching the 2 of them together is hysterical; they became fast friends and to watch Guiness not have to walk around her.. he walks right underneath her :) Dogs are products of their parents.. no matter the breed.. So Guinness and Killian are now roomates. :)                      ~ Kathleen C.


Remy is my APBT that I rescued at 5 months old from an abusive home, and now he's 19 months old. He passed a temperament test with flying colors, he passed his Canine Good Citizen test and is actively working as a certified therapy dog visiting nursing homes, juvenile detention centers, and soon to be a children's home. I support the efforts to ban BSL 100% of the time!!!!!                                 ~ Samantha T. W.


I began volunteering and fostering in 2006 and, unfortunately due to the stigma associated with the Pit Bull breed, most of the dogs that I was seeing neglected, surrendered, and abandoned in Philadelphia were Pit Bull mixes. It broke my heart. I have had a ton of interaction with this breed and they are extremely loyal and loving of their human companions in a way that I have not previously encountered! I have since added two adopted Pit Bull mixes to my pack (former foster dogs).

Lolayna (right) was a love starved mange case. I took her in and nursed her back to health and she returned the favor ten fold. In fact, Lainey was so grateful that I just couldn't part with her. She's my unique velcro girl (never leaves my side) also I never miss work because she howls with the alarm clock every morning.

Icraus (center) was abused and malnourished. He was initially leary of humans and hand shy, however seems to have completely forgotten about his dark past. Icky is a stand out gentleman all the way around. He looks like a totally different dog than the shivering sad sack that I brought home. I swear I can see him smile and it makes me so happy just to look at him.

My other rescue dog Bastian (left) couldn't be happier! Everyone gets along so well. I can't imagine my life without any of them. I only wish I had more room!                   ~ Cynthia S.


My girl's name is Cody. We adopted her from North Central shelter when she was three months old. She was severely malnourished and just a sack of skin and bones. But with some TLC (and some great food!) she is now one of the best dogs a girl could ask for. Her favorite thing to do is curl up with her head in my lap, that is, when she's not wrestling with her "brother" Barley. The photo attached is of her (Cody is the golden one) getting on swimmingly with Barley and a dog we were fostering name Jamba (in chair). We love her so much!                         ~ Kim B.


I went back in late October 2007 to pick out a pit bull for my birthday.  I wanted this one from a rescue organization, but couldn't get a hold of them.  So I went out to Clackamas County Dog Control to look at pit bulls.  There were three out there that day, the two older were getting noticed and petted a bit, but up front was a young red pit bull.  Her card said she was three days away from being PTS'ed.  I asked to take her out and they gladly let me do so, they said no one had taken her out the whole 3 months they were there except staff and me.  I played with her for about an hour - to her, all play, to me, evaluating her to see if there were any serious issues to address right off the bat.  I told them I would take her, and waited the week wait time as they checked on me, spayed her, etc.  A week later I had my girl all spayed and ready to go home.  That was 2 years ago November 1st.  She's still my baby girl, and goes practically everwhere with me.  As it should come around to, she is also the reason I got so interested in the breed and started my rescue (Love A Pit -  The pic of her is of adoption day.                    ~ Joe


Patch was thrown from the back of a pick up truck in front of where I work. He ran after the truck and disappeared. When I came back to work there he was, looking so sad. Covered in mange, very skinney and very scared. Most of the folks at work did not like him because he was a Pit Bull. I called my hubby and he came to pick him up. He took him home, bathed him and the next day it was off to the vets. He had to take meds for his mange for almost 6 weeks. We put bag balm on his poor little face, he was a mass of crusty skin an sores. He healed up and is now a beautiful boy and we love him. He was very abused in his old home. I suspect they tried to make him mean by hitting him but his nature is very sweet and he loves eveyone. We have four other dogs and he gets along great with eveyone. Patch is very special. this is our first Pit Bull so I had to do some research on this breed. They are not the monsters that the media depicts. The owners are the monsters like Michael Vick. Pits are very loving and like to be around people. Patch loves to snuggle and loves to play all the time. It was his lucky day when he got tossed. He is a great friend.                             ~ Suzi
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The first time I laid eyes on my beautiful pitbull jax was when he was just 2 weeks old. My friend had brought him home from where a couple of people he knew were breeding dogs to become fighter dogs or bait dogs. My dog jax would have definitely been a bait dog because he is the nicest, shy little thing you could ever see. After my friend took Jax back to the "breeder" I knew I had to do something, I just had a weird feeling that this dog and I were "meant" for each other, as odd as that sounds! Over the next week, my friend went to the breeder and got Jax from there and brought him back to his apartment. My friend couldnt take care of Jax because he was moving to Texas, so I kindly offered up my house that already has two dogs without even asking my mom or dad. My mom fell in love with Jax the minute she held him and he snuggled with her and she's been obsessed with him ever since. Because he was taken from his mom at such a young age there have been some health issues(severe allergies, infections, being so damn tiny) with him and he's had a hard time learning things as fast as other dogs would- but you have got to still love him! I tell all my neighbors that he would never even hurt a fly- he's probably afraid of flies, but because he's a "pitbull" they walk on the other side of the street and spread rumors about me and my family. I would LOVE to do anything to help get rid of the ban and also the stereotype that come with pitbulls and owning pitbulls, because the truth is pitbulls consistently score higher than any other dog on their temperment tests each year. Even a lab is more dangerous than a pit!                                                ~ Amy E.


Our pit bull Skippy had been languishing at the city shelter for months before I saw his picture and decided to foster him. He had been brought to the shelter from the streets of West Philadelphia. He looked too skinny, dirty and had a horrible cough as well as scars on his ears. Apparently, he had been living on the streets and fighting for food in order to survive.

Skippy came to our home on October 2007. On the ride home he just sat in the back seat and looked at me. He weighed in at 45 pounds. The first thing we did was give him a much needed bath. He was very scared and shy but allowed us to clean him up. The first few weeks were tough. He was not housebroken and was still sick with the cough. We did our best to make him feel comfortable, and slowly he began to show his true personality. On December, we had to bring him back to the shelter for a check up and to neuter him (and to return him).

We could not bear to part with him, so we decided to adopt him. He now has been with us for 3 years and it would not be the same without him. He weights 67 pounds and is the picture of health. Skippy is very protective of us but is also obedient and extremely gentle with children. We are still working on his attitude towards other dogs (at the shelter we were told that he might have been used in dogfighting).

I wish people would understand that dogs should not be stereotyped according to their breed. Instead, it is the dog owner who is ultimately responsible of their dog's behavior. Love and rules make for a well-adjusted dog. Cruelty and neglect create aggressive, insecure dogs, whether it is a pit bull or a chihuahua.                             ~ Marisa P.


I saw her posting on Facebook. She was at Mercer County Humane Society in Kentucky. She is beautiful which caught my attention, then I learned more about her. She is a sweetie, submissive, calm, affectionate, smart, loves people, other dogs and gets along with cats. She would be a great fit for my family for all these reasons, and I have 5 cats. No one was interested in her despite her inner and outer beauty ,and she was on the euthanasia list (2 yrs old). She had a rough time in her short life. She was found on the side of the road injured from a car accident, so she was taken to the vet, then humane society (a stray). No one claimed her, in fact she was most likely dumped, after giving birth to a couple of litters, pups nowhere to be found. She has scars on her from previous fights. She then got mastitis which needed to be treated with antibiotics and then got attacked by another dog at the shelter, back to the vet she went. I couldn't let her die, so I adopted her. She was in KY and I live in OR, so I needed to get her transported across country. I located roads of hope,( It is a wonderful volunteer transport, which helped me get her to her new home. She is a gem of a dog and I am so happy that I was able to save such a precious life.                                  ~ Monique W.


Dosha is the love of my life when it comes to dogs... she's bonded to me like glue to wood.  I have had her for a little over 2 yrs now.  She was found in Clackamas County Dog Control, wasn't even on their web site.  I had actually went up to look at two other pits when I found her.  She was 3 days away from being Euthanized, and was only 9 months old.  I took her out to the play yard and played with her for about an hour to watch for any potential problems with her.  She bonded to me with in the first 5 minutes...  I quickly fell in love with her.  After an hour, I told them that I would take her, and found out then she only had 3 days left, and that no one had taken her out the full 3 months she had been there other than staff...  She was such a joy to be around.  I couldn't believe that she wasn't even looked at as a dog just because she was a pit.  She had spent her first 6 months of life on the streets with a homeless guy.  He wasn't very nice to her.  She was taken from him for neglect, but she has several scars where he had beaten her also.  She is in a nice home now, on a fenced 3 acre lot where she gets to pretty much run.            ~ Joe and Dosha


Yesterday we decided to climb Mt. Bierstadt, one of many Colorado 14-ers. The hike started on Guanella Pass where we parked our truck and adored the view, with the peak ahead of us... surrounded by an endless beauty of majestic mountains and meadows. As we started the ascend with our three younger dogs, many others did the same... and we encountered tons of outdoor enthusiasts with dogs along the trail, as it was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.

Just below the summit, we decided to stop and eat our lunch. It was then when I noticed a gorgeous pit bull strolling down the mountain, off leash, in a steady stride... along the trail yet alone, not in a group or with anyone. It surprised me as there were many other Fidos around, and I thought how curious... my gaze followed this dog until he was out of sight. Our lunch tasted great in this serene setting and we took a well deserved break. My thoughts wandered away from the dog and I took in the beauty of the surrounding. Just then, I noticed the same dog strutting back up the mountain... curiously and swiftly, only stopping to sniff an occasional hiker with his dog, to greet them and wag its tail, then to continue on the journey up the steep mountainside. I watched this dog and stood up and climbed up to go check it out. I called out to her and she turned and shyly approached me. It was the same gorgeous pit bull, turned out to be a female, with a pink harness strapped on her back, and two tags on her collar. Yes, she was extremely friendly, came right up to me and wagged her tail to greet me. I was relieved she was not afraid of me, as I realized she was lost or abandoned.

Whilst checking her tags, a few commented walking by, that they had seen her earlier... others just sent a glance our way to check us out - walking by with their dogs who either growled, yanked on their leashes or ignored their owners' calls to go back to them. The pit bull girl sat down next to me, ignoring all this commotion with the calmest disposition which was rather remarkable. I tried to figure out what to do next, as I knew in that moment that I will not abandon this girl on the mountain, nor look the other way as many others have done, as I saw her earlier in the day. I decided to climb back down and take her along. Just then two young men crossed our path and offered a string and help to walk her down along with our three other dogs.

Yes, my dogs were acting out when this sweet girl just walked down the mountain with us, as if she had known me for a long time. We encountered many hikers with dogs... most of them being the mutt you don't want near you, either growling, pulling on the leash or coming at you in attack mode. Not this girl. She was the calmest and sweetest dog on the trail. I was blown away with her disposition. Wow, I just met Wonderdog. What a beauty, what a character and great nature she possessed! I started to think I wish this was my dog. Contemplating my next steps in this "rescue", we approached the river crossing, when a young man came jogging down the trail behind us. It turned out to be the owner, who just left the peak after the 6 mile hike and the 3000 feet elevation gain to jog back down in a haste to find his dog. Boy was I happy to see this guy! Turned out his dog "Roxy", the sweet, calm, friendly and amazing beauty of a dog took off up there somewhere... as she noticed a Boxer mix boy... apparently this stunning boy distracted sweet Roxy so much that she forgot all about her hike with her owner and just followed the Boxer dog. And boy was it a good looking one at that... we saw him hike down just as we celebrated her little "reunion"... with her owner.

Wagging tails, heads on close to sniff each other, Roxy and her Boxer friend eagerly visited with each other again.

Well the Boxer boyfriend had to go home and out came the treat bag and water bowl, which the owner of Roxy held out in front of her... I was so thrilled that they found each other again and told him the amazing nature of hers and how she just walked by all those dogs in a most peaceful manner. Her curious and loving character stood out, she was the ONLY dog that I noticed with such a disposition, unleashed at first, while lost, completely indifferent towards other dogs and friendly to everyone who crossed her path.

It was a very amazing experience. Roxy is one special dog, who is lucky to go on outings such as these with her loving owner, who was just as relieved as I was that she was found. What was so cute about this story, is that not one other dog interested her… just this gorgeous Boxer dude and we all got a chuckle out of it... Roxy... go on hiking, but watch out for those good looking Boxers... A happy ending of a beautiful day, when I learned again, how very special these dogs are, Pitbulls... America's Dog... Roxy truly represents what an amazing breed they are, friendly as can be, tail-wagging at everyone... humans and dogs.. curious, intelligent and calm...

Now when I go hiking, I will always remember this sweet Pitbull girl, that made my day very special.                         ~ Monika C.

I have owned pit bulls for about 14 years now. I currently have an amazing pit that is a part of our family now, her name is Pookie. When she was born, she was what they called a "swimmer" puppy. Her front legs didn't start working as well as her back legs for quite some time. So for pookie to get around, she pushed herself around with her back legs. My children and I worked very hard with her doing physical therapy and strengthing her legs. She is now a very healthy and active two year old dog who has never met a stranger whether it be a human or an animal. She loves all living things and I can honestly say I would trust her with the most prescious things of my life, my children and my family. 
                                                 ~ Surveyed (unknown)

My pit is the sweetest smartest dog I have ever seen!! My 18 month old steps on him, pulls his ears, and i even caught him trying to rip my dogs balls off, lol, my pup doesn't even flinch. He is also a great cuddle partner!! Its so messed up how people have such a hate for such beautiful dogs, my mother being one, its really tough. But I love my dog, so does my son.
                                               ~ Shana P.

Interesting story about an Am-staff I had once.
I was away on a fishing trip with my buddy and left my wife and daughter at home with our dog Molly. During the night an elderly man, presumably with Alzheimers, wandered into our home and fell asleep on our couch. When my wife awoke in the morning Molly was sitting near the
man's head watching him; not growling or barking or acting aggessive in any way, just watching. In fact she obviously hadnt made any fuss at all or my wife would have been woken by the noise.
I cant imagine having handled the situation better myself. What a wonderful girl she was.
The list of similar stories goes on. By far, in my opinion, the most loyal, lovable, intelligent breed available
                                              ~ Rob  L.