Lift The Ban On Pit Bulls - Spreading The Word!

As of August 2005, the Ontario Government put down BSL - banishment of pitbulls. Any dog born before August 30th, or born within 30 days after, were to be spayed / neutered. Whenever they are outdoors in public, they must be muzzled and on a leash at the maximum length 1.8 meters. Any pitbull born after this period is illegal and is to be destroyed. 

Recently, MPP Cheri Di Novo came forward with Bill 222 - if it passes, it will remove all aspects of BSL. On November 18, 2009, Cheri went over her bill and had supporters with her in Queen's Park in Toronto where owners were able to bring their pitbulls (leashed and muzzled) and made quite the statement! Unfortunately it did not get as much publicity as hoped, but this is why we are here.

We know that it is not the dog to blame, but it is almost always due to the owner! It is the same as a child - if raised properly when being taught right from wrong and raised with lots of love, care and compassion, they will grow up in the same light. Dogs are similar - when trained and shown much love and compassion, they will return the favour and love you unconditionally.  The only time they will fight then is to fight for your safety, to the death.

Pitbulls owners and lovers say that pits have been the most gentle and loving breed of dog they've ever met! Yet the government says it is for "Public Safety" they are banning pitbulls. Yet in a survey, pitbulls did not even make it in the top five of dogs reported to have attacked. The top three were 1) German Shepherd, 2) Chow Chows, and 3) Golden Retrievers.

PETA also supports the Pitbull ban. They claim they have rescued many pitbulls from abusive homes where they were badly hurt, kicked, and beaten to the point of aggression for dog fights, or they chain them up on a short chain to make aggressive guard dogs, or drug dealers use them as weapons. If pitbulls are completely wiped out in Ontario, will these people not simply pick another breed? Then what happens, will the government ban them? Then the next breed? And the next?
As for being rescued from abusive homes, perhaps if they checked up on the owners who were known to have pitbulls? Shelters often check up on their dogs after being given a new home. Perhaps if a closer eye was kept on them, there would be less chance of a dog being abused to such a point? Needless to say not always will a pitbull be registered, or any other kind of breed, but those that are can surely be checked out if there are any suspicions.

The point is: This ban is inhumane. There are so many amazing dogs that will not even have the chance to prove themselves because of this ban, and they are being judged for what others have been forced in to.

Sort of reminds you of elementary school when if something was stolen, the whole class had to stay in due to that one person's actions, huh?

This problem is not just in Ontario. It is global. The same problem has come up in the United States, England, and Australia. So far it has proved worthless. Thankfully people have stood their ground and raised their voices and never wavered until the ban was lifted and pitbulls were once again allowed the right to live. This has to stop all over. There are people who will not falter and are dedicating themselves completely to this cause.

This is a battle that will only have one outcome. This battle will not end until we win, and BSL is removed permanately.

Raise your voice! Take a stand! Write to your local MPP and tell your friends! We WILL put a stop to this ban!